USA SJ F 15E 88 1670 Ivan Voukadinov 640Seymour Johnson Strike Eagles at RAF Lakenheath

The Strike Eagles arrived in three waves from 17 January til 19 January 2021 at RAF Lakenheath (UK). The airbase has the honour to host a dozen 4th Fighter Wing SJ coded F-15E Strike Eagles.

At this moment it is unknown where the deployment is heading or how many Strike Eagles will be involved.

The normal Strike Eagle deployment in support of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) at Muwaffaq Salti/ Al Azraq Air Base (Jordan), now in the hands of Mountain Home's 366th Fighter Wing commenced only a few months ago.

Whereas its normal that most aircraft are from the same squadron during a deployment, both the Seymour Johnson's operational squadrons, the 335th Fighter Squadron Chiefs and 336th Fighter Squadron Rocketeers are now involved.

USA SJ F 15E 89 0483 Charles Dover 320The following SJ coded F-15Es were seen at Lakenheath:

86-0187, 87-0175, 87-0192, 88-1670, 88-1695, 88-1703, 88-1706, 88-1708, 89-0478, 89-0486, 89-0487 and 89-0496

Photos: Ivan Voukadinov and Charles Dover

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