Sea Fury VX281: phoenix from the ashes?

As reported by Scramble on 28 April 2021, Sea Fury Mk T.20 VX281 (c/n ES.3615) owned and flown as G-RNHF by Naval Aviation Ltd., crashed on that day at Lymington, near Yeovilton (UK).

According to a report by the Aviation Safety Network, the engine separated from the fuselage during the crash and both wings broke off as the aircraft rolled inverted. As a result, the trainer was written off as damaged beyond repair.

So it was a bit of a surprise to see the same airframe being re-registered to The Fighter Collection of Duxford on 11 November 2021. It has been registered as G-BCOW (again, as this Sea Fury flew under this registration earlier, from 1977 to 1980).

Hopefully the change of ownership can be considered as a first step on the way to full restoration. If that happens, VX281 would not be the first Sea Fury that, considered to be damaged beyond repair, eventually arises from its ashes!

Photo: Gert Jan Mentink (VX281 in happier days during Flying Legends 2011, Duxford)

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