Russia Navy Sukhoi Su 30SM Yuriy Pieshyk 640Russian Naval Aviators eject from Sukhoi fighter jet

On 21 May 2021, two Russian pilots ejected from a Sukhoi SU-30SM fighter jet when it was on the ground at the Saki airfield (Crimea).

Earlier Scramble Magazine wrote about how Russian Naval Aviation was saved by the Su-30SM. Please read the long read news item here.

Both crew members escaped with minor injuries while ejecting from Su-30SM with Bort 37 Blue and registration number RF-93825. Attached to the Naval Aviation unit 43.OMShAP (43 Regiment), the ejection caused one technician receiving burns.

From 2012 until May 2018, 84 Su-30SMs were supplied to the Russian Aerospace Forces (named Russian Air Force before August 2015) and 20 Su-30SMs to the Russian Naval Aviation.

Photo by Yurih Pieshyk via

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