Romanian SMURD received another three H135s

On 9 June 2021, the Romanian Unitatea Speciala de Aviatie / SMURD received another three H135P3Hs. The first three H135s were delivered on 4 March 2021. SMURD is an emergency rescue service, the name is Romanian acronym for Serviciul Mobil de Urgență, Reanimare și Descarcerare, which means Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication.

The contract for the H135s was signed in July 2019 and total deliveries could go up to ten helicopters as well as support services associated with air medical operations and search and rescue missions (SAR) in the country. The unit itself is saying the last H135s have arrived so it looks like it will be six H135s and not a total of ten.

The contract for the SMURD helicopters is part of Project Vision 2020 related to infrastructure adaptation to climate change, prevention and risk management. The specific objective is the increase of level of preparedness for a rapid and efficient disaster response of intervention crews.

The General Aviation Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior allocated a budget of 213 Million euros of which 85% from European non-reimbursable funds and 15% from the state budget. The objectives of this project are represented by the acquisition of the six H135s and 6 medium / heavy naval helicopters.

The next three H135s for SMURD are scheduled to be delivered mid 2021. The serials of the first three H135s are 336 and 338 plus one carrying temporary registration YR-MVL. The known German test registrations are D-HECH, D-HECJ (c/n 2142) and D-HECN (c/n 2143).

The serials of the three newly delivered H135s are 333 and 339 plus one unknown. The known German test registrations are D-HCBD (c/n 2123), D-HCBX and D-HECO (c/n 2145). Probably the missing Romanian serials are 335 and 337, serial 334 is already in use.

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