South Korea ROK Army AH 64E via DefPost 640Republic of Korea Army eying more AH-64E Apache Guardians

On Thursday 11 March 2021, South Korean media reported that the Daehanminguk Yuk-gun (RoK Army, Republic of Korea Army) decided to buy an additional 36 attack helicopters. The total number of attack helicopters will rise to 72.

According to information published, the RoK Army prefers to buy the latest version of the AH-64E Apache Guardian. With the acquisition of more attack helicopters, the Bell AH-1S Cobras will be phased out.

The RoK Army currently operates two AH-64E Apache Guardian battalions and two AH-1S Cobra battalions. The AH-64E battalions are 901 Aviation Battalion and 902 Aviation Battalion, both based at Icheon G-510, which is located 45 km southeast of Seoul. The AH-1S battalions are 105 Aviation Battalion based at Jipyeong G-301 (Yangpyeong) and 109 Aviation Battalion based at Susaek G-113. The Cobra bases are located 60 km east of Seoul (Yangpyeong) respectively 10 km northwest of Seoul (Susaek).

No order has been placed yet nor have we seen information on a possible Foreign Military Sales (FMS) request.

For more information of the Air Order of Battle for the Republic of Korea Army visit our website.

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