Indonesia Qatar Mirage 2000 Doha Qatar 9dec10 Simon Titchmarsh 640Qatar Mirage 2000s for Indonesia

The Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU, Indonesian Air Force) is seeking to get ... Mirage 2000-5s from Qatar!

The Qatari Mirages have been sought after. French private contractor ARES (Advanced Redair European Squadron) and some air forces have shown interest in these relatively young and low-houred fighters.

Obviously, the Dassault Rafales ordered by Indonesia will take a while to be delivered and this latest version of the Mirage deux mille would serve as a stop gap measure. It also enables the Indonesians to get acquainted with the French way of doing things as it is the first French sourced major piece of equipment for the air force.

Details are not yet revealed, it could be that a new unit will be formed or possibly mean the premature end of the Sukhoi Su-27. Or in the end, the Mirages can be scooped up by some party with a better offer ...

Photo by Simon Titchmarsh (Scramble Archive)

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