Production MiG-35s at Kubinka airport

Since mid August 2020, serial produced versions of the MiG-35, destined for the Russian Federation - Aerospace Forces (RF VKS), have started to appear at Kubinka airport near Moscow (Russia). So far, the local spotters have identified four production aircraft: one single-seater MiG-35S (Izd. 9.41SR) marked with bort number 10 Blue and three double-seaters (Izd. 9.47SR) with bort numbers 11 Blue, 12 Blue and 15 Blue.

Satellite images of Akhtubinsk air base (Russia) taken on 26 June 2020 reveal six MiG-35s undergoing weapons trials, wearing a new two-tone acid blue camouflage scheme. It is not entirely clear if these are the aforementioned quartet plus two pre-series examples built in 2016 (Izd. 9.41SR bort number 702 Blue and Izd. 9.47SR bort number 712 Blue), or if we are still missing pictures of two additional production aircraft (presumably the missing bort numbers 13 Blue and 14 Blue).


Photos: Vyacheslav Grushnikov (Bort 10), Mikhail Polyakov (topside), Russian Forum (Bort 12), all three kindly provided via


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