Pakistan ex Belgian AF Hercules Jeremy de Winter 640Pakistan increases transport capacity

The Pakistan Fiza'ya (Pakistan Air Force) has bought seven former Belgische Luchtmacht (BLu, Belgian Air Force) C-130H Hercules transport aircraft.

According to the Scramble Magazine database Pakistan has fourteen Hercules transporters in its active inventory, five model C-130B and nine model C-130E.

The aircraft are operated by the 6th Air Transport Squadron Antelopes at Nur Khan air base / Islamabad IAP and the 21st Air Transport Squadron Pegasus at Sharea Faisal / PNS Mehran (Karachi). Three aircraft are FLIR equipped, two C-130Bs and one C-130E, but it is not yet known which unit operates these variants.

On 25 July 2022, C-130H serial 4483 (ex BLu CH12, c/n 382-4483), in full Pakistan Air Force markings made a two hour test flight in Belgian airspace. The first ferry flights to Pakistan are expected on 30 July.

Pakistan started the initial negotiations to buy the Belgian C-130Hs in 2019 and completed this in 2021. When all aircraft are delivered the transport capacity has increased to 21 aircraft, unless some older models will be withdrawn from use.

The former Belgian C-130Hs that have been sold to Pakistan are: CH01, CH04, CH05, CH07, CH09, CH11 and CH12. These transporters were delivered to Melsbroek air base on between June 1972 and March 1973. The Pakistan Air Force serials are related to the construction numbers of the aircraft.

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