Osprey Fleet Replacement Squadron

The US Navy Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) for the CMV-22B Osprey has been established at at NAS North Island on 1 October 2020. The Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron (VRM) 50 SunHawks will be responsible to prepare future aviators, aircrew, and maintenance personnel for operating and maintaining CMV-22B.

VRM-50 will grow over time to assume training of US Navy personnel from the Fleet Logistics Medium Multi-Mission Wing Training Detachment, attached to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Training Squadron (VMMT) 204 Raptors ('GX-xx') at MCAS New River (NC). One of the two fleet squadrons destined to operate the CMV-22B, VRM-30 Titans, was established on 14 December 2018. The Titans will be the first to deploy a detachment of CMV-22Bs to replace C-2A Greyhound carrier-onboard-delivery aircraft on aircraft carriers.

The Ospreys will embark USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in 2021, together with the first operational cruise of the F-35C Lightning II.

Photo credit: Jim Mumaw, US Navy and VRM-50

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