More mixed SJ Strike Eagles at Lakenheath

On 4 October 2021, fifteen 4th Fighter Wing Seymour Johnson AFB (NC) F-15E Strike Eagles arrived at RAF Lakenheath (UK) for a deployment in the US Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of operations.

At this moment it is unknown where the deployment is heading or how many Strike Eagles are involved. The regular USAF Strike Eagle deployment to the Middle East is normally at Muwaffaq Salti/ Al Azraq Air Base (Jordan).

Scramble Magazine wrote this past January that whereas it is normal that most aircraft are from the same squadron during a deployment, both the Seymour Johnson's operational squadrons, the 335th Fighter Squadron Chiefs and 336th Fighter Squadron Rocketeers had been involved. At this moment even the 333rd Fighter Squadron Lancers with their shadow unit 4th Training Squadron (responsible for Seymour Johnson's Strike Eagle Academics) loans aircraft for the upcoming deployment.

The following mixed squadron SJ coded F-15Es are now at RAF Lakenheath:

87-0176, 87-0187, 87-0206, 88-1671, 88-1673, 88-1676, 88-1680 (as "4TS" flagship), 89-0483, 89-0490, 89-0492, 89-0493, 89-0496, 89-0501, 89-0505 and 90-0230

Photo by USAF

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