Germany GAF A310 MRTT Cheryl Baumgartner 640Luftwaffe says goodbye to last Airbus A310

On 21 June 2022 the last Luftwaffe (GAF, German Air Force) Airbus A310-304MRTT, serial 10+25 Hermann Köhl, was withdrawn from use and departed with call sign GAF561 from Cologne to her new owner in Canada.

The tanker/transporter was sold to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) where it will be used for spare parts.

The Luftwaffe operated once seven Airbus A310s, of which four were converted to the Multi Role Tanker Transporters variant (MRTT) for use with the Flugbereitschaft des Bundesministeriums der Verteidigung (FBS BMVg).

The first A310 was delivered to the GAF in August 1991 and the last one in November 1998, all were previously used by civil airline companies.

The fate of the four Multi Role Tanker Transporters (MRTT), serials 10+24 to 10+27, is as follows:

10+24 wfu May 2021, scrapped
10+25 wfu June 2022, to RCAF for spares
10+26 wfu August 2021, to RCAF for spares
10+27 wfu January 2021, scrapped

Photo by Cheryl Baumgärtner

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