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A United Kingdom Royal Navy test pilot, Lt. Cdr. Barry “Baz” Pilkington of the Pax River F-35 Integrated Test Force, conducts an aerial refueling flight in an F-35C, on 24 February 2021 from NAS Patuxent River (MD).

Baz refules its Charly with KC-130T 162309/309 (c/n 382-4974) of VX-20, a tanker also originating from Patuxent River.

The ITF is using the following F-35s, all assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX) 23 Salty Dogs, also knowns as Strike. We love to see some recent sightings reports of these first produced Lightning IIs. Please if you have some more up-to-date info,let us know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our update fields available in our on-line US Navy database.



BF-01              F-35B  BF-01  VX-23     may18        
BF-02              F-35B  BF-02  VX-23     dec19 marked 'USS Wasp'    
BF-03              F-35B  BF-03  VX-23     apr16        
BF-04              F-35B  BF-04  VX-23     Oct18 marked 'USS Wasp'    
BF-05/SD-65  F-35B  BF-05  VX-23     feb21 no SD tailcode, badge of HMS Queen Elizabeth trials and “QNLZ” titels on tail, and carrying “Marines” titles

168717/69     F-35B  BF-19  VX-23     mar21 CVH-550 Cavour markings on tail
CF-01/100      F-35C  CF-01  VX-23     apr16        
CF-02               F-35C  CF-02  VX-23     jun18        
CF-03/SD-73  F-35C  CF-03  VX-23     feb21        
CF-05/SD-75  F-35C  CF-05  VX-23     nov20 CAG colours


Photo by Kyra Helwick F-35 Lightning II Pax River ITF

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