"Just a nice Picture...!"

2020 revealed some nice Chinese gems. Depicted is a People's Liberation Army - Naval Aviation (PLANAF, China Naval Aviation) Xian H-6J bomber. The H-6J, with serial number 9081 and construction number 24J008, belongs to the Southern Theater Command's 1st Independent Bomber Regiment and is based at Guiping/Mengshu.

Strikingly, in August 2020, for the first time the PLAN deployed at least one H-6J to the disputed Woody Island. The island in the South China Sea, also known as Yongxing Island, has been long claimed by China. Being part of the Paracel Islands, the Woody Island is also claimed by Taiwan and by Vietnam.

As for the H-6J construction numbers: Scramble Magazine would gladly receive any information about how those numbers fit in the system. For instance 24J008. Is this the 8th serial built H-6J? Is 24 the Xian factory number or Xian production line number?

For more information about Chinese aircraft please visit our extensive Scramble military database.

Photo: Chinamil.com

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