Pakistan J 10C 640J-10 fighters for Pakistan?

The Pakistan Fiza'ya (Pakistan Air Force) seems ready to receive the Chinese made Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) J-10CE fighter. Many speculations that this would occur have been around for months.

With the CAC/PAC (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex) JF-17 block III Thunder in production this seems odd. It is therefore likely an effort to speed up replacement of older fighter aircraft.

So far, one squadron strength number of these fighters will be delivered according to the minister of the Interior, Sheikh Rasheed. He also claimed they would already be in Pakistan to participate in the yearly defence day parade on 23 March 2022. If that pans out we would have to wait and see. It is rumoured that Pakistan will acquire 36 J-10s in total.

The speedy delivery is seen as a response to India's Rafale acquisition. Critics may even suggest that this is just a political statement, not even uttered by the chief of the air staff, minister of Defence or prime minister ...

On 5 February 2021, Scramble Magazine reported on the J-10C delivery issues and the connection with a possible order for Pakistan.

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