USA B 1 86 0098 KDYS Dyess AFB 21Sep10 Stewart Dempster file info 640Heads up .... RAF Fairford!

On Monday 4 October 2021, with a possible shift for a couple of days, a deployment of B-1B Lancer bombers from the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess AFB (TX) is expected at RAF Fairford (UK).

The number of expected B-1Bs has not yet been reported, nor how long they will stay at the Gloucestershire air base.

On Sunday 26 September, a C-5M Galaxy arrived in the early hours ahead of the expected arrival of the bombers. More crews and equipment were brought on Monday.

So far four B-1Bs have arrived at Fairford. On 6 October 86-0110 and 86-0140 arrived. On 7 October 86-0103 and 86-0136 arrived. The word is around that six B-1Bs are expected.

Photo by Stewart Dempster (Scramble Archive)

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