genomen tijdens mijn basisbezoek aan Paphos, Cyprus.Helaas was het basisbezoek relatief kort en werd er alleen door een AW139 en een Bell 206 gevlogen en was er 1 AW139 niet aanwezig, (waarschijnlijk op dat moment in de lucht), maar het blijft natuurlijk ontezettend gaaf om de Nationale Garde van Cyprus te mogen bezoeken en dan ook meteen bijna alles compleet te hebben J.Ik mocht niet alles fotograferen maar wel het meeste, in ieder geval van alle types mocht wel iets op de foto.Former Cyprus Mi-35s for Serbian Armed Forces

Back in April 2021, a team of Serbian technicians visited Cyprus to inspect the helicopters. As a result of the inspection the Serbian government sent a letter confirming its interest in purchasing all Mil Mi-35P Hind attack helicopters.

In August 2021, Scramble Magazine first wrote that the Cyprus National Guard (Cyprus NG) was negotiating with a potential buyer for its fleet of Mi-35Ps. In December 2021, the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, announced that Serbia will purchase 29 "new" helicopters, including the Cyprus NG Mi-35s, over a period of two years for use by the Serbian Armed Forces. Then it stayed quiet for more than a year.

On 18 January 2023, the website (source: NOVOSTI, R.DRAGOVIC), reported that, although not yet confirmed, Serbia is about to reach an agreement on buying only five former Cyprus Mi-35 helicopters. The negotiations had been going on since the inspection in April 2021.

When the negiotations will be closed succesfully, the first Mi-35 is already expected to be delivered this year. After the final delivery, the Serbian Armed Forces will have nine Mi-35s in their active inventory.

According to the Scramble database, the following Mi-35s are active and operated by 714. противокловна хеликоптерска ескадрила (714.phe, Anti-Armor Helicopter Squadron) at Kraljevo/Ladjevci:

Mi-35M (HB-47): 35101, 35102, 35103 and 35104

Photo by Hilco Schigt (Scramble Archive)

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