Former Belgian Alpha Jets on the move

A convoy of trucks loaded with five former Belgian Air Component (BAF, Belgian Air Force) Alpha Jets was captured during their trip on 31 March.

The aircraft, with serials AT14, AT19, AT22, AT25 and AT29, are in the first batch of a total of 25 Alpha Jets that were bought by Top Aces, a Canadian aggressor / adversary company, in July 2020. On 9 October 2020 Scramble Magazine wrote on the sale of 25 Alpha Jets to Top Aces.

The five trainers that were stored at Beauvechain Air Base are trucked to the harbour of Bordeaux (France). From there, the Alpha Jets will be shipped to Canada.

Top Aces, with its headquarters situated in Dorval, Canada, is currently active in the aggressor / adversary role on behalf of the forces of Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States. So, in theory, there is a chance that these former Belgian Alpha Jets, will once return to Europe. Who can tell? 

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