Pakistan J 10C delivery PAC Kamra 640First six Pakistan J-10C delivered

During an official induction ceremony at PAC Kamra, the Pakistan Fiza'ya (Pakistan Air Force) took delivery of their first six Chengdu J-10C serials 22-101 to 22-106 on Friday 11 March 2022.

Having already arrived in Pakistan on 4 March, the aircraft are due to be first shown to the public during the yearly Pakistan Defence Day parade on 23 March were they will overfly Islamabad. Doubtlessly the regular training flights will also see offer views of them.

The J-10Cs will be operated by 15(TA) Squadron Cobras at Rafiqui air base. This unit currently operates Mirage 3DA/EA and Mirage 5DD/DR/PA fighters.

In February 2022, Scramble Magazine reported on the first Pakistan J-10Cs that were photographed in China.

Photo by PAC Kamra

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