Jordan RJAF AT 802 2560 credit Horizon Joseph Borg 640Fire-fighting Air Tractors for Jordan

The latest edition to the al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Malakiya al-Urduniya (RJAF, Royal Jordanian Air Force) fleet is an IOMAX AT-802F Fire Boss, registered 2560.

The AT-802F is upgraded with fire-fighting capabilities by IOMAX and Rutledge Airborne Applications. The RJAF already operates six IOMAX-integrated AT-802 Border Patrol Aircraft (BPA) and four AT-802U ISR aircraft so this consistent choice of aircraft allows for seamless aircrew familiarisation, established maintenance practices and existing supply chains for the AT-802.

The aircraft will mainly be used to help mitigate the devastating impact summer wildfires in the region. In total, the RJAF will get two AT-802F Fire Boss fire-fighters, when the second one is due is not known yet.

On 24 May 2023, the Fire Boss passed through Malta-Luqa International Airport and it landed at King Abdullah II AB, Algabawi area (aka KA2) on 25 May. It left Mooresville (NC) on 21 May and flew the same transatlantic route as earlier RJAF Air Tractors; making stops in Bangor, St. John's, Santa Maria, Jerez and Malta en route.

The Air Tractor fleet is operated by 25 Squadron, which is part of the Prince Hussein II ISR Wing.

Photo by Horizon/Joseph Borg, flight information by Føxïę (twitter @SomeFrench1991)

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