Assistant secretary of the US Air Force for acquisition, technology and logistics, Dr. William Roper, revealed that the US Air Force’s Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) programme has achieved a so-called "e-Series status".

The status refers to the digitally-designed engineering of the 6th generation aircraft (and programme). The e-Series enables the US forces most advanced flight demonstrator to fly in the real-world years ahead of a standard (old school) development project.

The e-Series designation for the NGAD brought the programme to a next step. Roper said that “Digital engineering takes computer creation technology to the next level, rendering not just the design of complex systems, but their assembly, environment and even physical performance in high-powered virtual reality”. Besides the by secretiveness surounded NGAD programme, the US achieved more e-Series programmes with the eT-7A Red Hawk, but with some then others too (and many to come in the US fores and Space Forces as Roper explained: “A-10 Re-wing Program, B-52 Commercial Engine Replacement Program, and Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent have all met the e-Series bar. They all leveraged authoritative virtualizations to significantly replace or truncate real-word activities, and have achieved paradigm-shifting performance.Each new e-System invites us to reimagine both its acquisition and operationalization,” Roper wrote. “e-Series should guide the Air Force and Space Force’s analog-to-digital metamorphosis. Given the adversaries and challenges these two Services face, that metamorphosis had better be fast".

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Artist impression of Northrop Grumman 6th gen concept

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