USA USN CMV22B 1 640COD new and order update/correction

Scramble News published on 27 February 2021 a news item about a COD order but this item requires an update/rectification as we misinterpreted the text in a published a contract.

But first, the Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron (VRM) 30 Titans and crew of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 2 ('NE-xxx') successfully delivered an F-35C power module aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in the US Navy’s first, at-sea replenishment for this component.

The US Navy revealed that sailors of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147 Argonauts ('NE-3xx') loaded an F-35C engine module onto a CMV-22B Osprey on the flight deck of the Vinson that is is currently underway conducting routine maritime operations and completing a series of “work ups” and certifications in preparation for the upcoming deployment.

This first operational at-sea replenishment follows a November 2020 milestone, during which VRM-30, CVW-2 and Vinson conducted the US Navy’s first landings, take-offs, and refueling of a CMV-22B from an aircraft carrier.

USA USN CMV22B 320The at-sea power module replenishment evolution consisted of loading, transporting and unloading the F135 power module from a shore-based location to the carrier by way of a CMV-22B.  

CVW-2 is leading the charge in introducing and integrating a trio of next generation aircraft (F-35C Lightning II, E-2D Hawkeye and the CMV-22B Osprey) and their capabilities in the Fleet.

Our friend Ian Carroll gave us a signal that our news-item was not 100% correct, so we take the opportunity to give you a fresh update.

Currently, eight CMV-22Bs are delivered to the US Navy (BuNo's 169435 (HX-21) 169436 (HX-21), 169437 (VRM-30), 169438/31 (VRM-30/-50) 169439/32 (VRM-30/-50), 169440/33 (VRM-30/-50), 169441/34 (VRM-30/-50) and 169442.

The June 2018 contract, on which we reported, is a multi-year contract that tells the Bell Boeing Joint Program Office that the US Navy is going to order 39 CMV-22Bs over a certain period. This gives Bell Boeing JPO the ability to plan and order components in an economical manner. The Variation in Quantities that is mentioned in DoD contracts, add additional CMV-22Bs to the original order. So the eight orders we mentioned in our report, will lead to 47 planned CMV-22Bs to date.

USA USN CMV22B 3 320The US Navy Programme of Record (POR) is for 48 tiltrotors in total, so there is still one Variation in Quantities to go. Up to February 2020, 31 CMV-22Bs were ordered (ten prior FY 2019, ten FY 2019 and eleven in FY 2020.

The FY 2021 (1 October 2020 - 30 September 2021) budget request for procurement of six CMV-22Bs and associated support, worth USD 628,7 million. FY 2021 represents the fourth year of the V-22 Multiyear Procurement III contract (FY 2018-FY 2022). Those six should have been ordered in December 2020.

Thanks Ian!

US Navy photos by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Mason Congleton

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