Romania FAR Lancer 6807 LRCK 17Sep15 Sjaak Louwen 640Breaking: Romanian MiG-21 crash!

Today, Tuesday 20 April 2021, Forțele Aeriene ale Romaniei (FAR, Romanian Air Force) MiG-21 LanceR-C, serial 5917, took of from Baza 71 Aeriana / Câmpia Turzii for a local training mission and crashed around 14.30 hrs (LT) in an uninhabited area some 65 kilometres to the northeast of the air base in the neigbourhood of Dedrad, provence of Mures.

Luckily the pilot managed to eject safely and is stable. At this moment no further information about the crash is available, as soon as Scramble Magazine knows more we will inform you.

The crash is the 14th crash with the LanceR variant of the MiG-21. The LanceR-B (dual seat) and the LanceR-C are operated by Escadrila 711 Aviatie Lupta at Câmpia Turzii/Baza 71 Aeriana and Escadrila 861 Aviatie Lupta at Constanta/Mihail Kogalniceanu Baza 86 Aeriana.

According to the Scramble Magazine database the Romanian Air Force has 27 operationa MiG-21s in its inventory.

Photo (just illustrative for the type) by Sjaak Louwen (Scramble Archive)

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