Breaking: Ethiopian Mi-35 downed!

According to Islam World Update, an Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) Mil Mi-35 helicopter was shot down near Abiy Adi in the Tigray province of northern Ethiopia on 20 April. Downing the Mi-35 has been claimed by the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), a group that is fighting against the central Ethiopian Government.

The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) has not yet confirmed the loss of one of its helicopters, but a photo, revealed by the TPLF shows the wreckage of a, until now unknown, machine of said type.

At least twelve Mi-35s are known to be operated by the ENDF’s 21 squadron, which is based at Dire Dawa air base. Given the proximity to the province of Tigray, it can not be ruled out that the downed helicopter was flown out of Mekele air base, which is used for deployments by the ENDF.

Photo: Islam World Update

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