Brazil's KC-390 in US exercise 'Culminating'

Just over a year after its service introduction, the KC-390 Millennium of the Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB, Brazilian Air Force) participated in its first international exercise abroad.

Leaving the home base of Ala 2, Anápolis, in the early morning hours of Tuesday 12 January 2021, two technical stops were made at Boa Vista and in Puerto Rico to arrive at Alexandria Airport (LA).

This airport is close to the Fort Polk training area where the exercise Culminating is held.

The aircraft, recently delivered KC-390 serial 2855 (construction number 39000006) from the 1°GTT (First Troop Transport Group), as well as the Brazilian army soldiers are first time participants in this exercise that includes airborne operations.

Photos: Brazilian Air Force

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