Belgian F 16 FA130 1 640Belgian Viper damaged at Leeuwarden

On the day the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (RNLAF, Royal Netherlands Air Force) was to say goodbye to F-16 operations from Leeuwarden, a Luchtcomponent (Belgian Air Component) F-16AM suffered some serious problems during start-up.

During start-up the engine was accelerating too quickly (some reports mention it kicked into afterburner) and it jumped the chocks, before crashing into a building opposite the flightline. The pilot ejected from the Fighting Falcon (a parachute was seen) and was injured. As a precaution the fire services doused the Viper with water, although it is not immediately clear if there was a fire. Besides the pilot two other persons were injured.

The Viper involved is FA130 (msn 6H-130), part of 2 Wing, based at Florennes. The base houses 2 squadrons, both equipped with the F-16AM/BM; 1sq Chardon and 350sq Ambiorix.

Belgian F 16 FA130 2 320 Belgian F 16 FA130 3 320

The unfortunate F-16 was not involved in the proceedings (which were cancelled and the airbase was closed) but was attending the ongoing Weapons Instructor Course.

Belgian F 16 FA130 4 320 Belgian F 16 FA130 5 320

Photo by Mark Williamson via

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