Belgium Navy Alouette 3 Laurent Heyligen 640Belgian Navy Alouette 3 delivered to Saffraanberg

On 17 June 2021, Belgian Navy SA316B Alouette 3 with serial M3 and construction number 1817 was delivered to the Royal School for Non-​Commissioned Officers (NCO) at Saffraanberg.

The Alouette is one of a batch of three helicopters delivered to the Belgian Navy in 1971. In September 2020, M3 was withdrawn from use and stored at Koksijde, home base of 40 Squadron ans Koksijde Flight Alouette 3. On 29 June 2020, the three Alouettes made their final formation flight.

The other two SA316Bs, serials M1 (c/n 1812) and M2 (c/n 1816), will be withdrawn from use on 8 July 2021. One of these two will be preserved at the 1st Wing Heritage Museum at Beauvechain air base and the other one will go to the Koninklijk Leger Museum/Musée Royal de l'Armée storage facility in Landen.

Photos: Laurent Heyligen / LH Aviation Photography and Basis Koksijde Flight Alouette 3

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