Argentina Saab 340 640Additional aircraft for Argentina

The Fuerza Aérea Argentina (FAA, Argentian Air Force) as wellas the Comando de Aviación Naval (COAN, Argentinian Naval Air Command) will receive additional aircraft.

The FAA has acquired a fifth Saab 340B. The type was already in use since 2008 but only two of the fleet are currently active. Therefore, an additional airframe was sought in 2020/21.

Now a suitable candidate has been found at C&L Aviation (USA). The Saab is currently registered as N459CL (construction number 340B-459) and has been stored at Bangor (ME) since April 2020.

More good news is that the air force will receive an additional two former US Navy Beechcraft C-12 Hurons. That is part of an additional four aircraft, with the two others going to the Navy.

Argentina SH 3H 320Argentina TC 12 320The COAN will get two additional former US Navy SH-3H Sea Kings, our friends at Pucará Defensa report. In April 2021, Scramble Magazine reported that Argentina was seeking additional Sea Kings. The funding for the two helicopters was approved by the government. Pennsylvania based Carson Helicopters will supply them along with gear and training for USD 12.8 million.

Two more former US Navy C-12s are also due. This is part of a four-ship addition to the deal for twelve such aircraft. Of that first batch, reported by Scramble Magazine on 23 April 2021, two are now reported as destined for the COAN. The original intention was that all twelve would go to the FAA.

Photos by Pucará Comunicación & Defensa, Mariano Rodriguez ( and Ramiro Mohr ( Thanks Rico Angerman

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