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About the Location Database

Enter an ICAO, IATA or FAA indicator or search for an airfield, for example: EHAM, AMS, Schiphol, etc.
Partial entries are allowed but at least three characters must be entered. Wildcards (?,%,*,_) are not allowed.

If more than one field is supplied, the 'AND' operator will be used to limit the result list.
Search is not case sensitive, so 'eham' and 'EHAM' will give the same result.
Results will be displayed either in order of ICAO indicator or airfield name if searched for an airfield name.

Location indicators are presented as published in official documents available to us. Spelling of names is also as published, apart from obvious typos. Where known to us however, popular alternatives will be given to facilitate your search. You may also find some remarks under the 'Airfield Name 2' header.

Special characters are presented in the search results where applicable, but searching names is easy. Just type (part of) a name in standard characters, the conversion will be done automatically.
For instance, if you are looking for Västerås, just type vasteras and click the button. Note: a lot of official info is in upper case only so for the time many special characters will be missing. Please do not hesitate to send your comments.