The Scramble Show Reports
Guayaquil 2013
Guayaquil Festival Aéreo
Date: 12-13 October 2013
FAE1017, FAE1022 A-29B Esc2313  
FAE1026 A-29B Esc2313  
FAE1359 Cheetah C Esc2313  
FAE1362 Cheetah C Esc2112  
FAE1862 Cheetah D Esc2112  
FAE1066 DA20C-1 ESMA  
FAE606 Dhruv Esc2211  
FAE893 L-100-30 Ala 11  
FAE803 Mirage F1JA preserved  
FAE047 Sabre 40A Ala 11  
HN-307 Bell 206B-3 3 Escuadrilla  
HN-405 Bell 430 3 Escuadrilla  
214 ECH-51B Esc de Entrenamiento  
E-381 AS550C3    
AEE-162 Ce172SP ESAE-15  
E-487 Mi-171E 15-BAE  
Apart from the single Cheetah fly-by there was also a three-ship T-34C-1 formation but those remained unidentified.
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