The Scramble Show Reports
Guayaquil 2012
Festival Aéreo
Date: 20-21 October 2012
1x Cheetah B Esc2112 *
2x DA20C-1 ESMA *
FAE1018 A-29B Esc2313  
FAE1026 A-29B Esc2313 ‘Morona Santiago’*  
FAE1027 +1 A-29B Esc2313 ‘Napo’ *
FAE413 Bell 206B-3 Esc2212 Lobos spec mks
FAE620/HC-BZS B727-200 TAME  
FAE1040 CeT206H nn  
FAE1362 Cheetah C Esc2112 *
FAE1377 Cheetah C Esc2112 *
FAE1366? Cheetah C Esc2112 *
FAE1060, FAE1063 DA20C-1 ESMA  
FAE448 DHC-6-300 Ala 11 *
FAE607 Dhruv Esc2211  
FAE408 TH-57A Esc2212  
FAE893 L-100-30 Esc1111  
FAE524 PA-34 Esc2213  
FAE043 Sabre 40R Ala 11  
FAE018, FAE031 T-34C-1 ESMA *
FAE019 T-34C-1 ESMA  
PN-216 PA-31 Ala Fija, Servicio Aeropolicial *
HC-BJK PA-23 for FAE?  
HC-CDX ATR42-320 DHL  
LV-ZIE B737 nm  
1x AS350B2 ESAE-15  
FAE622 T-33A preserved  
A.E.E.465 AS332B ESAE-15  
AEE-615 Maule MT-7-235 ESAE-15  
E-190 PC-6/B2-H4 ESAE-15  
This is the annual open house at Guayaquil, star attraction being the Cheetahs of course. Aircraft marked * flew.


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