The Scramble Show Reports
Guayaquil 2008

Date: 11/12 October 2008

Made by:


FAE393 			A-37B 		Esc2311
FAE894 			C-130B 		Esc1111
FAE448 			DHC-6-300 	Esc1111
FAE906, FAE915 		Kfir CE 	Esc2113
FAE806 			Mirage F1JA 	Esc2112
FAE830 			Mirage F1JE 	Esc2112
FAE367 			SA319B 		Esc2212
FAE254/T54 		Strikem.Mk89A 	Esc2313
FAE024, FAE031 		T-34C-1 	ESMA
AN-231 			Beech 200 	2 Escuadrilla
AN-403 			Bell 230 	3 Escuadrilla
This was what could be identified from photographs.
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