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St.Mawganu 1973

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Date: 8 August 1973

Made by: Alan Macey


XV258   		Nimrod MR.1    		203 Sq  
XV235   		Nimrod MR.1    	        236 OCU 
XV259,XV252,XV255   	Nimrod MR.1  	        42 Sq   
XV576/D, XV573/L  	Phantom FG.1  	        43 Sq   
XT892   		Phantom FGR.2  	        228 OCU 
120        		Etendard IVP            16F     
XP347,XP395,XP299  	Whirlwind HAR.10        22 Sq   
XW207/CD		Puma HC.1               33 Sq
XV795/F,XV746/K  	Harrier GR.1   	        1 Sq    
XP737   		Lightning F.3           226 OCU 
XM216  			Lightning T.4           226 OCU 
WA669  			Meteor F.8
XH304  			Vampire T.11
XW336/6,XW357/5		J Provost T.5   	RAFC
XW363/2,XW354/7		J Provost T.5   	RAFC
XW359/4,XW373/11	J Provost T.5   	RAFC
10741  			CP-107 Mk 2   		CAF
152745/LD-3		P-3B   			VP-10
254       		Atlantic   		321 Sq RNN
203       		SP-2H    		320 Sq RNN
AT-152 			TF-35     		Esk 729
AR-117 			S-35      		Esk 729
XL387  			Vulcan B.2   		Waddington Wg
3281,3295  		G.91R-3  		LKG 42
XT270   		Buccneer S.2  		237 OCU
XV723/AQ		Wessex HC.2  		72 Sq
104735,104739,104706	CF-104  		439 Sq
104785,104840		CF-104  		439 Sq
FX-93,FX-69,FX-83  	F-104G
XP769  			Beaver AL.1  		132 Flt
WT809/VL-737		Hunter GA.11  		FRADTU
WF371/S			Varsity T.1      	5 FTS
TG511 			Hastings T.5    	SCBS
XP448 			Argosy E.1      	115 Sq
XS710 			Dominie T.1     	CAW
XT505 			Sioux AH.1       	14 Flt
WL756 			Shackleton AEW.2   	8 Sq
XV213 			Hercules C.1    	LTW
WB560/U			Chipmunk T.10 6 	AEF
WK124,WK118,WJ721	Canberra TT.18  	7 Sq
WJ682,WJ629,WJ680	Canberra TT.18  	7 Sq
WH856,WJ715		Canberra TT.18  	7 Sq
WJ635,WH869,WJ641	Canberra B.2  		7 Sq
WK119,WJ611  		Canberra B.2  		7 Sq
WJ566  			Canberra T.4  		7  Sq
WH848/E			Canberra T.4  		231 OCU

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