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St.Athan 1977

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Date: 10 September 1977

Made by: David Miller


WK102	A	Canberra T.17		360 Sq.	
XJ782		Vulcan B.2		27 Sq.	
WR963		Shackleton AEW.2	8 Sq.	
XV355		Buccaneer S.2		237 OCU	       
XX478		Jetstream T.1	        METS	       
XW927		Harrier T.4	        1 Sq.	       
XX755	08	Harrier GR.1	        226 OCU	       
XS712	A	Domini T.1	        6 FTS	       
WJ680	80	Canberra TT.18	        7 Sq.	       
XM223	J	Devon C.2		RAE Farnborough
XZ282		Nimrod MR.1A	        201 Sq.	       
XW412	15	Jet Provost T.5A	RAFC	
XS919	A	Lightning F.6		5 Sq.	  
XF526	78	Hunter F.6	        4 FTS	  
XX175		Hawk T.1	        4 FTS	  
42		Atlantic		Aeronavale
K-4015		NF-5B			313 Sq. RNeth.AF	
Museum Aircraft on Display Outside:			
MK356		Spitfire 9		
BL614		Spitfire VB		
MM5701	13-95	Fiat CR42		
120227		HE162		
191904		ME163		
no serial	ME109		
494083	RI-JK	JU87B		
WB188		Hunter F.1/3		
WS843	Y	Meteor NF14		ex 64 Sq.	ex 7937M
WL505		Vampire FB.9		ex 73 Sq.	
7698M		Provost T.1		ex WV492
XN341		Skeeter AOP.12		ex 8022M

Museum Aircraft in Hangar:				
475081	GM-AK	Fi-156C		
360043	D5-EV	JU-88R-1		
701152		HE-111H		
584219		FW-190A-8		
730301		ME-110G		
A1742		Bistol Scout (Replica)		
H1968		Avro 504K  (Replica)		
Flying / Flightlines:				
XP741	N	Lightning F.3		11 Sq.	    
XV575	C	Phantom FG.1	        43 Sq.	    
XX172		Hawk T.1	        4 FTS	    
XT286		Buccaneer S.2	        237 OCU	    
XH170		Canberra PR.9	        39 Sq.	    
PA474	KM-B	Lancaster	        BoBMF	    
PM631	AD-C	Spitfire PR.19	        BoBMF	    
MT-3		Magister		Diable Rouge
MT-33		Magister		Diable Rouge
MT-39		Magister		Diable Rouge
MT-48		Magister		Diable Rouge
XM646		Vulcan B.2	        9 Sq.       
		Victor K.2	
XV255		Nimrod MR.1		Kinloss Wing
XV795	05	Harrier GR.3	        1 Sq.       
XV106		VC-10 C.1	        10 Sq.      
XV209		Hercules C.1	        LTW         
XZ231	742/VL	Lynx HAS.1	        700L Sq.    
68-057	UH	F-111E			55 TFS / 20 TFW
XV709	597/CU	Sea King HAS.1		706 Sq.
WF791		Meteor T.7		CFS Hist.Flt.
XH304		Vampire T.11		CFS Hist.Flt.
Pleasure Flights:			
G-BAGJ		Gazelle	

Photo Mounts:
7917M / WA791	Meteor T.7	
8352M		Jet Provost T.4	

Aircraft on Field:			
XK969		Whirlwind HAR.10	202 Sq.
XV306		Hercules C.1		LTW
XV581	E	Phantom FG.1		43 Sq.
XW858	C	Gazelle HT.3		CFS
XT670	AU	Wessex HC.2		72 Sq.
XX628	48	Bulldog T.1		Wales UAS
	216	Harvard	

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