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RNAS Culdrose 2011

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Date: 20 July 2011

Made by: Scramble


ZZ503                Avenger T1       750sq
WK608/906            Chipmunk T10     RNHF
XX261                Hawk T1A         FRADU
XX510/DD69           Lynx HAS2        SFDO
ZD266/426            Lynx HMA8SRU     815sq
ZH852/68             Merlin HM1       829sq
ZH864/17             Merlin HM1       820sq
XV670/17             Sea King HU5SAR  771sq
ZA126/91             Sea King ASaC7   849sq
ZF123/WW             Sea King HC4     848sq
G-BYVK               Tutor T1         727sq
ZJ242/E              Griffin HT1      60(R)sq
G-CEYO/00            Squirrel HT1     DHFS
ZF349                Tucano T1        1 FTS
B-BVEZ               Jet Provost T3A  ex RAF XM479

Runway 36 Threshold static:
G-ARSL              Auster AOP6      exVF581
G-AVHT              Auster AOP9      ex WZ711
G-YYYY              MH521            ex FAF 208/IR
D-EHJL              P149D            ex 90+31

Sea Harrier F/2, Culdrose/SFDO:
ZE690/DD90, ZE692/DD92, ZH797/DD97, ZH798/DD98, ZH802/DD02, ZH813/DD13
XZ692/641, ZD268/643 Lynx HMA8SRU    702sq
LS326/L2             Swordfish II    RNHF
G-PBYA               PBY-5A          ex RCAF 11005

Hawk T1/A* of the FRADU:
XX157*, XX165, XX205*, XX217*,  XX240,  XX303*,  XX316*

B site flightline:
ZK450/J              Beech B200       45(R)sq
ZA552/044            Tornado GR4      15(R)sq
ZD742/090            Tornado GR4      15(R)sq
ZG756/131            Tornado GR4      15(R)sq  617 mks
ZF379/379            Tucano T1        1 FTS
ZF342/342            Tucano T1        1 FTS

Hangar C1:
ZZ500, ZZ501, ZZ502  Avenger T1       750sq
Only the ZZ502 was inside.

Hangar C2:
XT453/B-PO           Wessex HU5       std
XZ248/634            Lynx HAS3S       SFDO (outside)

Hangar C3:
XX170                Hawk T1          FRADU
XX221, XX330         Hawk T1A         FRADU

Hangar B1:
JY-RNA, JY-RNB       Extra 300L       Royal Jordanian Falcons
JY-RNC, JY-RND       Extra 300L       Royal Jordanian Falcons

Flying only:
00-3001/LN           F-15E            494th FS

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