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Fairford 2009 (2)

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Date: 18/19 July 2009

Made by: Scramble


4935/7T-WHE   C-130H   322sq
2811    C-105A   2°/10° Gav  #
130323    CC-130E  435sq
C-080    CL-604   ESk 721
CC-2    C295M   TukiLLv
E154/120-AL   Alpha Jet E  EC01.008
2552/SE   EC725R2  EH01.067
647/112-CB, 653/112-CV  Mirage F1CR  ER01.033
185    Falcon 10MER  57S
272    Lynx HAS4  34F   #
30+42    EF2000(T)  JG74
43+58, 45+53   Tornado IDS  JBG33
50+79    C-160D   LTG63
84+58    CH-53G   MTHR 25
7487    RF-4E   348 MTA  #
43    JAS39D   MH 59. Sz.D.R
274    AW139   301 sq
C.M.X616   M346   Alenia Aermacchi
MM62186/46-51   C-130J   2° Gruppo/TM
346    C-130H   3 sq
LX-N90453   E-3A   NAEWF
J-008    F-16AM   313sq   $           
J-201    F-16AM          322sq             
J-881    F-16AM          322/323sq         
G-988    C-130H          Marshall Aerospace
305    F-16BM          332 skv  &         
662    F-16AM          332 skv           
553    BAe111-485GD  4sq
T.21-12/35-50   C295M   353 Esc
39268/268   JAS39C   F7
ZR322, ZR323   A109E   32(TR)sq
XS739/F   Dominie T1  55(R)sq
XZ327    Gazelle AH1  GDSH
ZJ703     Griffin HT1   84sq
ZG858/90    Harrier GR9   20(R)sq
XX159     Hawk T1A   FRADU
XX314/CS    Hawk T1W   100sq
ZK020     Hawk T2   19(R)sq     
ZH889                   Hercules C5   LTW     
XZ195                   Lynx AH7   672sq/9Regt
ZE380                   Lynx AH9   672sq/9Regt
ZJ126/K    Merlin HC3   28/78sq
XV226     Nimrod MR2   Kinloss MRW     & 
XW233                   Puma HC1   230sq                 
XW236                   Puma HC1   33sq                  
XV642/259    Sea King HAS2A  Gosport/HMS sultan
XV648/(CU-8)18   S.King HU5SAR   771sq 
XV712/66    Sea King HAS6  Gosport/HMS sultan&
ZH545/Z    SeaKingHAR3A  22sq/A Flt   
ZH107     Sentry AEW1   8/23/54(R)sq
ZA557/048    Tornado GR4   13sq
ZE734/JU    Tornado F3   111sq   ` #
ZF239/239 MP-T   Tucano T1   207(R)sq
ZF317    Tucano T1  207(R)sq  #
ZA147/F   VC10 K3  101sq
ZH118/TD, ZH265/VX  Vigilant T1  612 VGS
ZH268/SA, ZJ967/SM  Vigilant T1  612 VGS
ZE529/VR, ZE637/YA  Viking TX1  621VGS
81-0991/SP   A-10C   81st FS          
82-0654/SP              A-10C   81st FS ‘81-0654’
86-0140/DY              B-1B   28th BS           
61-0029/BD              B-52H   93rd BS AFRC     
87-0124   KC-10A   32nd ARS
07-7172                 C-17A   301st AS 
63-7825/RS   C-130E   37th AS
64-0565   MC-130E  711th SOS  #
64-14854   MC-130P  67th SOS
74-1682   C-130H   40st AS        
87-0023                 MC-130H  7th SOS       
91-9144                 C-130H   328th AS NY ANG
63-8879                 KC-135R  351st ARS  #   
86-0147/LN   F-15C   493rd FS           
97-0219/LN              F-15E   492nd FS           
88-0510/AV              F-16CG   "510th F"        
89-2137/AV              F-16CG   510th FS "31st OG"
73-1153/RA              CT-43A   562nd FS          
G-BVEZ    Jet Provost T4  ex XM479        
G-BWSG                  Jet Provost T5  ex XW324        
G-BYWX                  Tutor T1  57(R)sq               
G-FFCV                  Hunter T7B  ex WV318            
G-PBYA                  PBY-5A   ex USN 433915           
G-RAFX                  Beech B200GT  45(R)sq           
G-UVNR                  Strikem. Mk87  ex Botswana OJ-10

Flightline/Static side:
G-VLCN    Vulcan B2  ex XH558

Flightline/Other side:
HN-440, HN-450   F-18C   HävLLv21
321/113-HQ   Rafale B  EC01.007
335/113-IJ   Rafale B  EC01.091
156/ABT   TBM700   EAT
30    JAS39C   MH 59. Sz.D.R
CSX62127   C-27J   RSV/Alenia Aerm.
LX-N19997   CT-49A   NAEWF
J-015    F-16AM   313sq #
J-016    F-16AM   313sq
N7572/2   B757-2k2  40sq
C.15-59/12-17   EF-18A+  Ala12
C.15-61/12-19   EF-18A+  Ala12
39200/200, 39204/204  JAS39C   F7
J-5004, J-5014   F/A-18C  FlSt11
ZJ222    Apache AH1  673(AHTU)sq
ZK450/J   Beech B200  45(R)sq
ZA670/AA   Chinook HC2  27sq
WK608/906   Chipmunk T10  RNHF
XX159, XX205   Hawk T1A  FRADU
XX245    Hawk T1  208(R)sq 
XX261                   Hawk T1A  FRADU   
XX263                   Hawk T1A  208(R)sq
XX281, XX337   Hawk T1A  FRADU
ZD461/51A, ZG504/75A  Harrier GR9A  NSW
XX476/CU-561   Jetstream T2  750sq
XX478/CU-564            Jetstream T2  750sq
XX488/CU-562            Jetstream T2  750sq
ZA111/CU-565            Jetstream T2  750sq
XZ612    Lynx AH7  847sq
XZ615/Z   Lynx AH7  671sq/Blue Eagles
XZ690/301   Lynx HMA8  815sq 
XZ727/635               Lynx HMA3S  702sq
ZD263/306               Lynx HAS3S  815sq
ZF562/645               Lynx HMA8  702sq 
ZH834/86, ZH839/83  Merlin HM1  824sq
ZH842/CU-88, ZH847/13  Merlin HM1  824sq
ZH861/84   Merlin HM1  824sq
XV649/180   Sea King ASaC7  849sq
ZA137/20   Sea King HU5SAR 771sq
ZA167/22    Sea King HU5SAR 771sq
ZD476/WZ, ZF115/R   Sea King HC4   848sq
ZD625/P    Sea King HC4+  846sq
ZE418/186    Sea King ASaC7  849sq
ZH542     Sea King HAR3A  22sq/A Flt
ZJ276, ZJ277    Squirrel HT1   DHFS
ZJ924/DD    Typhoon FGR4  29(R)sq
60-0058/BD    B-52H    20th BS
92-0375    C-20H    76th AS
63-7980    KC-135R   412th FLTS
G-BYVF    Tutor T1   727sq
G-BYXK, G-BYXS   Tutor T1   727sq
G-FRAF, G-FRAU   Falcon 20   FRADU
There was a lot  of moving around with the Merlins as not all 
were flying.

Frecce Tricolore/313°Gruppo MB339A/PAN:
MM54482/0, MM54480/1, MM54487/2, MM54477/3
MM55052/4, MM54473/5, MM54479/6, MM54551/7
MM54539/8, MM54505/9, MM54534/10

Swiss PC-7 team:
A-918, A-919, A-922, A-923, A-926
A-927, A-928, A-930, A-935, A-936

Red Arrows Hawk T1/A*/W#:
XX179#, XX227*, XX233, XX237, XX242, XX253*
XX260*, XX266*, XX292#, XX294, XX308*

Breitling Jet Team, L-39C:

Royal Jordanian Falcons Extra 300L:

Flying Only:
ZD950    Tristar KC1  216sq
ZH518/18   Nimrod MRA4  BAe
ZJ267/67, ZJ271/71  Squirrel HT1  DHFS
ZJ272/72, ZJ274/74  Squirrel HT1  DHFS
G-CVIX    Sea Vixen D3  ex XP924
#=special colours
$=Tiger colours
&=Anniversary markings

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