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Biggin Hill 1967

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Date: 11 May 1967

Made by: John A. Smith


XR140           ARGOSY C1               267SQ. 
XR487           WHIRLWIND HCC12         Q.FLT. 
XL600/83        HUNTER T7               229OCU 
XS229/49        JET PROVOST T4          CFS 
XR992           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XR993           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XR994           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XR995           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XR996           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XR987           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XR540           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XS111           GNAT T1                 RED ARROWS 
XA939           VICTOR BK1              57SQ. 
XS571/76        WASP HAS1               HMS LEANDER 
XT484/469       WESSEX 5 
XT638           SCOUT AH1               AAC 
XJ494/121       SEA VIXEN FAW2          HMS EAGLE 
XV338/94        BUCCANEER S2 
0-17279         C-124                   MAC 
60146           C-141A                  437MAW 

XN815           ARGOSY C1               267SQ.  PARA DROP 
XT274/101       BUCCANEER S2 
XN652/124       SEA VIXEN FAW2 
V-18            STAMPE SV-4             BELGIAN AF. 
V-28            STAMPE SV-4             BELGIAN AF. 
MT-5            MAGISTERS               'DIABLES ROUGES' 
MT-7            MAGISTERS               'DIABLES ROUGES' 
MT-9            MAGISTERS               'DIABLES ROUGES' 
MT-20           MAGISTERS               'DIABLES ROUGES' 
MT-27           MAGISTERS               'DIABLES ROUGES' 

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