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Biggin Hill 1963(2)

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Date: 4 May 1963

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

D-ENCO   	Bolkow 208              Bolkow Apparatebau c/n 512
EI-AMC    	Beech 95A Travel Air    TD504 Aircraft Associates - to G-ATRC
F-BJVP     	CP 1310C3 Emeraude      Scintex Aviation c/n 904
G-AGJG     	DH 89             
G-AGTT          Auster J.1        
G-AGYL          Auster J.1        
G-AGYT          Auster J.1N       
G-AHNG          Taylorcraft Plus D
G-AHWV          Proctor IV        
G-AIBX      	Auster J.1
G-AIEK      	Messenger 2A
G-AJEI        	Auster J.1
G-AJIY      	Auster J.1
G-AJKV          Gemini 1A 
G-AJSX          F.24 Argus
G-AJWE     	Gemini 1A   
G-AKFY          Gemini 1A   
G-AKHP          Gemini 1A   
G-AKNN          DH 89       
G-AKVZ          Messenger 4A
G-AKWR          Proctor III 
G-AKXP          Auster 5    
G-ALCS          Gemini 3C   
G-ALJF          Proctor III 
G-ALXK     	Dakota 3                Capital Finance c/n 32828
G-ALZG     	Gemini 3C  
G-AMKU          Auster J.1B
G-AMTC          Auster J.5F
G-AMTD          Auster J.5F
G-ANHO          Auster 5   
G-ANHU          Auster 4   
G-ANZT          Jackaroo   
G-AOPL          Prentice   
G-AOSO          Chipmunk 22
G-AOTG          Chipmunk 22
G-AOVZ          Jodel 140  
G-APAF      	Auster 5
G-APBE      	Auster 5
G-APCX     	Auster J.5R
G-APIP         	DH 82A
G-APPK      	Chipmunk 22
G-APRF          Auster 5   
G-APSZ          Cessna 172 
G-APUR     	PA 22 -160  
G-APVA          PA 22-160   
G-APWV          Meta Sokol  
G-APZF          Comanche 250
G-APZG          Comanche 250
G-ARAG          PA 22-160   
G-ARAP          Tri-Traveler
G-ARAS          Tri-Traveler
G-ARAT          Cessna 180C 
G-ARAV          Cessna 172A 
G-ARBH     	Dove 1B	Wells Organisations
G-ARCV     	Cessna 175A         
G-ARCW          Apache 150          
G-ARDO          Jodel 112           
G-ARDR          Comanche 250        
G-AREU          Super Cub 95        
G-ARFB          PA 22 -150 Caribbean
G-ARFJ      	Cessna 172B
G-ARFL      	Cessna 175B
G-ARFM     	Cessna 175B     
G-ARGX          PA 22 - 160     
G-ARHU          PA 22 - 160     
G-ARIW          CP 301B Emeraude
G-ARJO      	Meta Sokol
G-ARKC     	Auster 6A      
G-ARLU          Cessna 172B    
G-ARND          PA 22 -108 Colt
G-ARNJ          PA 22- 108 Colt
G-ARNL          PA 22 -108 Colt
G-AROU          Queen Air 65   
G-ARRD          Jodel 1050     
G-ARSP          Meta Sokol     
G-ARTK     	Riley 65                Keegan Aviation c/n 35044 to VP-YYK
G-ARTU     	EP 9 Prospector
G-ARUF          Hiller UH-12C  
G-ARUT          Auster J.5G    
G-ARVS          Cherokee 160   
G-ARVV          Cherokee 160   
G-ARWN          Cessna 150B    
G-ARWP          Cessna 175C    
G-ARWS          Cessna 175C    
G-ARWY          Mooney 20A     
G-ARXC          Airedale       
G-ARXF          Aztec B        
G-ARXG          Comanche 250   
G-ARXK          PA 22 -160     
G-ARXS          Forney Aircoupe
G-ARXY     	Rallye Club
G-ARYZ     	Airedale
G-ARZG     	Aermacchi AL60 B-1      A.N.T. Ltd. c/n 6219-39
G-ARZM     	Turbulent
G-ASAI      	Airedale
G-ASAN     	Terrier 2
G-ASAS      	Bolkow 208
G-ASAW     	Bolkow 107C   
G-ASAZ          Hiller UH-12E4
G-ASBN          Mooney 20C    
G-ASBV          D.5/180 Husky 
G-ASCL      	Beech 23 Musketeer
G-ASCZ      	CP 301A Emeraude
G-ASDJ      	Cessna 320A		British United Airways c/s
G-ASDM     	Bell 47G                          
G-ASDO          Beech A55 Baron                   
G-ASEH          Brantly B.2A                      
G-ASEK          Cherokee 180                      
G-ASEV          Aztec B                           
G-ASEW          Brantly B.2A		Sir Basil de Ferranti
G-ASFM          Terrier 2                         
G-ASFS          Bolkow 208                        
G-ASFW          Fairtravel Linnet 2               
G-ASHD     	Brantly B.2A
G-ASHH          Aztec 250   
G-ASHL     	DC-7C                   Caledonian Airways c/n 45495
G-ASHM     	L.200D Morava
N146B      	Bell 47D-1              World Wide Helis c/n D.4 to G-ASOL
N158B  		Bell 47G-1              World Wide Helis c/n D.12 to G-ASJW
N2499B  	Bell 47G-2              World Wide Helis c/n 1523
OK-SNA 		Zlinn 326 Trener Master Omnipol c/n 838 to G-ASIM
OK-3840 	L-13 Blanik             Omnipol c/n 172604 to G-ASVS
PH-CLH 		Aztec B                 Schreiner c/n 27-2251
XP814  		Beaver AL 1
XK699 		Comet 2C "Sagittarius" 	216 sq.
XS238  		AOP 9
XK481  		Skeeter 10
XN343  		Skeeeter 12
XP890  		Scout AH 1
WJ332  		Hastings    		overflew

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