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Ysterplaat 2000

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Date: 28 October 2000

Made by:


405		C-130B		28sq
652		Beech 200C	41sq
653		Beech 300	41sq
751		Ce185E		42sq
1250		Oryx		nn
3004		Ce208		41sq
6845		C-47TP		35sq
6885		C-47TP		44sq
8026		CN235-1		44sq
8010		C212M-200	44sq, nb
The CASA 212 did not have any markings, apart from a South-African
flag on the tail. Its serial could be found on the pitot-boom cover.
The serial of Dakota 6885 was painted over, but still readable through 
the upper paint layer. 

Hangar display:
611, 612	SA316B		22sq
613		SA316B		17sq
849		Cheetah D	2sq
1200, 1202	Oryx		TFDC
1234, 1249	Oryx		22sq
2019, 2054	PC-7 MkII	CFS
6828		C-47TP		TFDC
7293		Harvard IIA	SAAF Museum

101, 102	SE3160		22sq
382		BK117A-3	15sq
404		C-130B		28sq
672, 673	Rooivalk	16sq
896		P166S		SAAF Museum
1063		MB326K		28sq
1068		MB326K		85 CFS
1229, 1233	Oryx		22sq
1238		Oryx		22sq
1722		Shackleton MR3	SAAF Museum
2018, 2020	PC-7 MkII	CFS/Silver Falcons
2024, 2025	PC-7 MkII	CFS/Silver Falcons
2028		PC-7 MkII	CFS
3001		Ce208		41sq
6854		C-47TP		35sq
6859		C-47A		SAAF Museum
7231		Harvard IIA	SAAF Museum
8021		C212-300	44sq
-		Cheetah C	SAAF
ZU-AVI		Buccaneer S2B	Thunder City, ex XW988
ZU-BBD		Lightning T5	Thunder City, ex XS452
ZU-BCR		Buccaneer S2B	Thunder City, ex XW987
ZU-PER		Strikemaster 83	ex KuwaitAF KAF113
ZU-RAC		SE3130		ex ALAT 1653
ZU-AUJ		Hunter F58	Thunder City
ZS-SAT		B747-300	SAA
All civil aircraft of Thunder City and the Cheetah were operating
from Cape Town International Airport.

715		Ce185A		SAAF, VIP & special c/s
This bird is reported to be an instructional airframe or written off in
several sources. However, it is very much alive and kicking!

15		SE3130		SAAF Museum
93		Wasp HAS1	Ysterplaat Museum
213		Mir F1CZ-200	Ysterplaat Museum
314		SA321L		Ysterplaat Museum
416		Buccaneer S50	Ysterplaat Museum
460		MB326M		Ysterplaat Museum
1720		ShackletonMR3	preserved gate
6864		C-47TP		stored
ZS-DCT		Lj45		nn
ZS-HSG		Bo105CBS	Police
ZS-LIG		Ce550		nn
ZS-NML		CRJ200ER	SA Express
ZS-RMR		Bo105S		Red Cross

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