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Swartkop 2000

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Date: 15 April 2000

Made by:


22			SE3130		SAAF Museum HF         
175	                SA330L		SAAF Museum HF, ex TFDC
405	                C-130B		28sq                   
881	                P166S		SAAF Museum HF         
2020	                PC-7 Mk2	CFS            
2024	                PC-7 Mk2	CFS            
2028	                PC-7 Mk2	CFS            
5518/"5553/AX-K"	Spitfire IXe	SAAF Museum HF, w/o during display
6884			C-47TP		35sq                               
7001	                Harvard III	SAAF Museum HF             
7072	                Harvard IIA	SAAF Museum HF             
7111	                Harvard IIA	SAAF Museum HF             
'VD-TD'	                Fi156C-7	Luftwaffe c/s, ex SAAF 200 
ZU-ADL	                AM-3C		ex SAAF 939                        
ZU-AOR	                Harvard IIA	ex SAAF 7059               
ZU-HUN	                Hunter F58	Swiss AF c/s               
ZU-KIA	                L-39		"116"                              
ZU-SPT	                Spitfire IXe	'TE566'                    
ZS-AFA	                Ju52		SAA                                
ZS-AUB	                DC-4-1009	SAA HF, ex SAAF 6905       
ZS-BXF	                C-47A		SAA HF, ex SAAF 6888               
ZS-WLP	                Harvard III	SAA HF, ex SAAF 7601       
ZS-WLR	                Harvard III	SAA HF, ex SAAF 7729       
ZS-XXX	                DC-6                                       

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