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Murska Sobota 2007

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Date: 16/17 June 2007

Made by: Scramble, Nicola Foschia


70+73			UH-1D		nn                      
T.21-04/35-42	        C295M		353 Esc                 
T-340		        AS532UL	nn                      
H2-37	                Bell 412EP	15.HEB          
H3-71	                AS532AL		15.HEB                  
L4-01	                L-410UVP-E	LEBA            
L6-03	                PC-6/B2-H4	LEBA            
S5-DCI, S5-DCJ	        UTVA-75		LETS                    
S5-DCK, S5-DCN	        UTVA-75	        LETS            
S5-DGD, S5-DGG	        Z242L	        LETS            
S5-DGH		        Z143L	        LETS            
S5-HKM	                Bell 206B-3	15.HEB          
D-FHGL	                SNJ-5		ex Spain S.6-162        
S5-DON	                Yak-52		nn                      
S5-HPG	                A109E		Policija                
S5-MAY	                PolikarpovPo-2	Koroski aeroclub
S5-MBB	                Aero-3		ex YugoslAF 40199       
YU-YAD	                G-2A	        ex YugoslAF 23187 
YU-YAF	                G-2A	        ex YugoslAF 23180 
YU-YAG	                G-2A	        ex YugoslAF 23194 
YU-YAK	                G-2A	        ex YugoslAF 23154?

Aerobatic aircraft taking part in the Peter Podlunsek Challenge:
F-GPPS			CAP231		Peter Steiman          
G-IUII	                Extra 300S	Mark Jeffereis 
S5-DPP	                Extra 300L	Peter Podlunsek
S5-MMM	                G-202		Tomo Poljanek          
SP-KYK	                Extra 300S	Zoltan Veres   

Flying only:
167			MiG-21UMD	CroatianAF
27			MiG-29UB	MH 59. Sz.D. REB.
L9-65			PC-9M		LETS
S5-AAL			CRJ900		Adria Airways

The Croation 'Krila Oluje' team with PC-9Ms:
058	059	060	061	065

And the Patrulla Aguila with C101EB Aviojets:
E.25-25/79-25/1    E.25-08/79-08/2    E.25-21/79-21/3
E.25-26/79-26/4    E.25-86/79-32/5    E.25-27/79-27/6
"Air Borne '07" was organised by the Murska Sobota Aeroklub to celebrate 
its 60th anniversary. The eight hour flying program was set up as a historic 
overview, from the time of Edvard Rusjan (the Slovenian aviation pioneer) 
to modern aircraft like the MiG-29. Together with this event, the Sloveanian
aerobatic pilot Peter Podlunsek organised an international aerobatic 
competition called the "Peter Podlunsek Challenge". For the first time in 
Slovenian history, three display teams performed in one airshow: the Spanish 
Patrulla Aguila, the Croatian Krila Oluje (Wings of Storm) and the Serbian 
Zvezde (Stars) with Soko G-2A Galebs. The Galeb jets operated from the grass 
strip of Murska Sobota!

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