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Cerklje 2022

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Cerklje (Slovenia)

Adriatic Strike 2022

29 May 2022

6060 L159A  
XHB326 Bell505Nxi VB / Montenegrin AirForce 65326
62 IAR330L Esc.713 Elicoptere SOCAT  
H2-33/33 Bell 412EP 151.HEESK  
H3-71/71 AS532AL 151.HEESK  
L9-68/68 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
S5-HZJ Bell 206B-3 LETS  
S5-CEH PC6-B2    
Ramp nearby:
6047 L159T1+ 213.vlt  
6053 L159A  
L6-03/03 PC-6/B2-H4 152.LEESK  
Flight school hangar:
S5-DEJ Zlin 242L LETS  
S5-DGE Zlin 242L LETS  
S5-DGI Zlin 143L LETS  
S5-HPK Bell206B-3 LETS  
New hangar:
H1-21/21 Bell 206B-3 LETS towed out for display
L9-61/61 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
NX139LE (158) L39ZO   ex NVA (158) with a special tail
Helicopter maintenance hangar:
H2-38/38 Bell 412EP 151.HEESK  
(S5-HKM) Bell 206B-3 LETS  
Prop maintenance hangar:
S5-DEL Zlin 242L LETS  
S5-DGD Zlin 242L LETS  
L9-69/69 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
(L9-65)/65 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
In a HAS from former times was a PC9, a second one had a door shut..      
The Zlin rubber tent:
Unfortunately the tent was empty      
Main ramps:
HA.28-09 / ET-709 Tiger HAD FAMET 10010
HA.28-24 / ET-724 Tiger HAD FAMET 10100
HU.21L-65/ET-665 AS532UL FAMET  
XHB032 Bell412EPI VB  
60 IAR330SOCAT Esc.713 Elicoptere SOCAT  
102 IAR330L Esc.713 Elicoptere SOCAT  
H2-32/32 Bell 412EP 151.HEESK  
H3-74/74 AS532AL 151.HEESK  
L9-62/62 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
L9-63/63 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
L9-64/64 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
L9-66/66 PC-9M 152.LEESK  
Preserved gate (on the road to the hangars):
60162/162 Soko 522, ex YAF and ex Ljubljana  Soko 522 Ljubljiana-Brnik(SL)  
(S5-DCP) Utva-66   Ex YUG 51114
Dumped compound:
S5-DCB UTVA-75   Ex YUG 53117
S5-DCE UTVA-75   Ex YUG 53198
S5-DCF UTVA-75   Ex YUG 53160
S5-DCH UTVA-75   Ex YUG 53210
A successful outing. Unfortunately, 2 Cougars were away with RUAG/Marseille for manufacturer work. A couple      
of the Bells are at Ljubljana at least number 32 is getting paint with a company also. At a guess the remaining PC-9      
was in the other HAS, and the Zlins maybe back at Zlin?      

Credits: Benjamin Sadler and a happy driver

The AirBase was showcasing the event for Adriatic Strike 2022. With a special invite we managed to be quite successful. Our driver got his last Slovenian Cougar but after seeing ET-665  that became a thing of the past and as a result HE HAS BEEN ROCKING BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS BEHIND THE WHEEL ALL AFTERNOON….

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