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Bacau 2015

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Bacau Meeting Aerian 95 years Bacau airport
Date: 13 June 2015
IAR99 SOIM Esc.951 Aviatie  
28 IAR330 SOCAT Esc.952 Elic.SOCAT  
5912 Lancer-A std  
9526 Lancer-B std  
6191 C-130H Esc.901 Av.Tr.Strat  
18, 30, 152, 153 Yak-52 S.A.p.F.A.  
709, 711, 722 IAR99 SOIM Esc.951 Aviatie  
723, 724 IAR99 SOIM Esc.951 Aviatie  
715 IAR99 Standard S.A.p.F.A.  
57, 122 IAR316B S.A.p.F.A.  
100 IAR330L Esc.903 Elic.Trans.?  
53, 56, 64 IAR330 SOCAT Esc.952 Elic.SOCAT  
69, 86 IAR330 SOCAT Esc.952 Elic.SOCAT  
6010, 6207 Lancer-C Esc.861 Aviatie Lupta  
6305, 6807 Lancer-C Esc.861 Aviatie Lupta  
81-0960/DM, 81-0991/DM A-10C 354th FS  
713, 815 Lancer-A std  
5913, 9613 Lancer-A std  
As with the Boboc report; all serials were obtained from pictures. Again a nice collection of aircraft. As there was limited space for the visitors the place appeared to be incredibly cramped! The crowd is positioned on the edge of the taxiway making it impossible to take pictures of taxiing aircraft


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