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Marrakech 2012

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Marrakech-Ménara (Morocco)

Air Expo 2012

4 - 7 April 2012

CN-ABG/183, CN-ABH/184 CAP10C Ecole de Pilotage  
CN-ACG SA342L Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-AIZ AS355F1 Gendarmerie  
CN-AKK/37 AB205A Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-AMQ C-27J Esc de Transport  
CN-ANI Beech 200C VIP Flt  
CN-AOA C-130H Esc de Transport  
CN-AQR/18 AB206B Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ARZ/26 SA330F Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ATH/08 T-6C Ecole de Pilotage  
CN-ATM CL415    
CN-AZG Alouette II Gendarmerie  
CN-AZZ S2R-T660 Gendarmerie  
CN-BZE EC145 Gendarmerie  
CN-BZM EC135T2+ Gendarmerie  
113 AS565MB Flotille 11  
170 Mirage F1EM-VI Esc de Chasse  
228, 245 Alpha Jet H CIPC  
91933 F-5E Esc de Chasse  
08-8007 F-16C Esc de Chasse  
08-8024 F-16D Esc de Chasse  
AS1126 Beech B200MPA Malta Air Wing  
786402 AS550C-3 Pakistan Army/French roundel  
06-8611/RS C-130J-30 37th AS/86th AW  
91-0602/LN , 91-0604/LN F-15E 494th FS/48th FW  
07-72017 UH-72A A 5th Avn  
EC-LAX EC145    
F-HADH Da50    
F-HBIP Da2000LX    
G-MOSJ Be C90GTI    
G-SIRJ Ce680    
HB-FVN PC-21   1277
N350EX Expedition 350    
N3.3LJ LJ60XR    
N467CJ Ce525A    
N6380H Hawker 4000    
NxxxEU Be G35    
OE-FAT Technam P2006T    
OE-INM CL600-2B16    
OE-VRX DA42 Guardian    
SU-SMH DHC8-Q400 Smart  
(CN-ACJ) SA342L pod only  
CN-ACC, CN-ACE SA342L Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ACR, CN-ACV SA342L Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ACX SA342L Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-AJW/23 AB205A Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-AMA CN235-100M Esc de Transport  
CN-AMN, CN-AMP C-27J Esc de Transport  
CN-AOM C-130H Esc de Transport  
CN-AQE/05, CN-AQH/08 AB206B Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-AQI/09, CN-AQK/11 AB206B Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-AQM/13 AB206B Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ARD/04 SA330L Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ARM/13 SA330F Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ARX/24, CN-ASB/28 SA330L Esc Hélicoptère  
CN-ATN CL415    
F-TGCJ/05 Extra 330 EVAA  
CAP232, La Marche Verte:
Civil terminal:
CN-ANU G1159A VIP Flt  
99-0060 C-17A 89th AS/445th AW/AFRC  
63-8026 KC-135R 191st ARS/Utah ANG  
Flightpasts 4, 5, 6, 7 April
CN-AOF C-130H Esc de Transport 4,5,6,7
CN-AOR KC-130H Esc de Transport 4,5,6,7
91938 F-5E Esc de Chasse 3,7
91940 F-5E Esc de Chasse 4,5,7
08-8001 F-16C Esc de Chasse 7
08-8003, 08-8005, 08-8008 F-16C Esc de Chasse 4,6,7
08-8010 F-16C Esc de Chasse 4,5,6,7
08-8021 F-16D Esc de Chasse 4,5
08-8023 F-16D Esc de Chasse 4,7
134 Mirage F1CM-VI Esc de Chasse 4,7
150 Mirage F1CM Esc de Chasse 4,5,7
156 Mirage F1EM-VI Esc de Chasse 4,5,7
164, 171 Mirage F1EH Esc de Chasse 4,5,7
173 Mirage F1EM Esc de Chasse 4,5,7
The following aircraft were noted preserved around the base:      
(CN-ATB)/02 T-6C Ecole de Pilotage  
CN-AUA/110, CN-AUB/(111) AS202/18 Ecole de Pilotage  
CN-AUC/114, (CN-AUD)/115 AS202/18 Ecole de Pilotage  
CN-AUE/(116), (CN-AUH)/119 AS202/18 Ecole de Pilotage  
CN-AUI/(121), (CN-AUJ)/122 AS202/18 Ecole de Pilotage  
CN-AUK/29, (CN-AUL)/128 AS202/18 Ecole de Pilotage  
(CN-AUM)/165, (CN-AUN)/174 AS202/18 Ecole de Pilotage  
Storage ramps
T-37 12 unidentified  
T-34B 11 unidentified  
157 CM170 plus 9 unidentified  
Technical school hangar
Mirage F1 instructional airframe  
Road from hangars to main gate
(CN-AMH)/862 C-119G preserved  
Amongst buildings
CM170 Red colours? preserved
Harvard fuselage, western end  
On pole
Harvard preserved  
Western parade area
CM170 Silver and red colours? preserved
CM170 Silver and red colours preserved
Roundabout near main gate
MiG-17? Yellow colours preserved
Harvard Yellow colours preserved
Harvard Blue colours preserved
During four days the third biannual AeroExpo was held starting with an official opening day followed by two days trade show and the closing day the public day. On the first and last      
day the full flying program was held, the days in between a few aircraft did not participate. This edition was interesting as many new aircraft types for the Air Force like the T-6C,      
C-27J and F-16C/D could be observed at close range. Not a single aircraft used the CNA-xx serial layout anymore. As with the previous edition the static show was used to show      
most an example of most the active types. Unfortunately, on an airbase with many taken from service aircraft around every effort had been made to keep those out of sight for the      
curious. The airshow had the nature of a flypast with more aircraft in the air than on previous editions and with the emphasis on unloading in the air, being fuel (KC-130H), fire      
retardant (C-130MAFFS, CL-415), pesticide (AB205A), cargo (SA330L) or people (SA330L). For photography a position on the field was needed for the action shots, otherwise outside      
the field light conditions were considerably better.      

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