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Langkawi 2001

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Date: 8-14 October 2001

Made by:


154 wt			MiG-29MT	Mikoyan-Gurevich 
598 wt		        Su-27                            
04 bk		        Su-30MK		"716", c/n 10MK2101 
34 bl		        IL-78                            
57-1506		        KC-135R		319th ARW        
63-8885/ZZ	        KC-135R		909th ARS        
78-0477/ZZ	        F-15C		44th FS, "5 AF"  
78-0479/ZZ	        F-15C		44th FS          
165802/NJ-130	        F/A-18F		VFA-122          
158915		        P-3C		VP-46/nmks       
M33-09		        PC-7		1FTC	13th only
M33-32		        PC-7		1FTC             
M40-33		        Hawk Mk 208	6sq              
M42-20		        MD3-160		1FTC	13th only
M43-13		        MiG-29N		19sq             
M50-07		        PC-7 Mk2	3FTC             
RA-78838	        IL-76MA		nn               
RA-82039	        An-124		nn               

Inside hall:
M20-07			Alouette III	2FTC "AIROD"
M20-16			Alouette III	2FTC, tailboom and main frame only

674			Rooivalk	16sq/SAAF
165808/NJ-134	        F/A-18F		VFA-122          
M23-14		        S-61A-4		3sq              
M43-02		        MiG-29NUB	17sq     
M43-06, M43-10	        MiG-29N		17sq             
M43-07, M43-11	        MiG-29N	        19sq     
M43-12, M43-14	        MiG-29N	        19sq     
M45-01, M45-03, M45-04	F/A-18D	        18sq 
M45-06, M45-07, M45-08	F/A-18D	        18sq 
M49-01, M49-02		Mi-17	        BOMBA

712			Fokker 50	122sq/RsiAF	11
BL.8-7/33/60107		C-130H-30	601sq		13
BL.8K-8/33/60108	C-130H		601sq		13
62-3502/ZZ		KC-135R		909th ARS	13
M23-05			S-61A-4		3sq		12             
M28-01	                F28-1000	2sq	        14     
M30-07	                KC-130H		20sq	        8,13   
M30-10	                C-130H-30	20sq	        8,12   
M30-15	                C-130H-30	20sq	        8,10-12
M30-16	                C-130H-30	20sq	        8,10-12
M33-14, M33-28		PC-7		1FTC	        12     
M44-01			CN235-220M	21sq	        14     
M44-03			CN235-220M	21sq	        8,10-13
M48-01			BD700		2sq	        9,11   

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