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Langkawi 1995

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Date: 9 December 1995

Made by:


XV221                 Hercules C3  LTW
90-0802/MJ            F-16C        14th FS/35th FW *
90-0820/MJ            F-16C        14th FS/35th FW
90-0236/AK            F-15E        90th FS/3rd Wing
90-0243/AK            F-15E        90th FS/3rd Wing
90-0324/3             AH-64D       MDHC
89-0158               CH-47D       US Army, c/n M.3312
161900/NW-05          S-2G         HSL-84
164656/DT-04          F/A-18D      VMFA(AW)-242
164670/DT-11          F/A-18D      VMFA(AW)-242    *
146411/C-FUBE         CH-146       CAF/Textron 46411
510/310510            W-3          Poland AF/103sq
'05'/36911031513      Su-27        Russian Knights *
'07'/36911031615      Su-27        Russian Knights *
'09'/36911031716      Su-27        Russian Knights *
'18'/1040804          Su-27UB      Russian Knights *
'19'/1040807          Su-27UB      Russian Knights *
08/bk                 An-124       Russian AF
024/3538053201003     Ka-50        Russian AF
M23-08                S-61A-4      Malaysia AF, c/n 61416
M23-24                S-61A-4      Malaysia AF
M30-12                C-130H       Malaysia AF/20sq
M32-25                A-4PTM       Malaysia AF
M34-12                MB339A       Malaysia AF/15sq
M33-35                PC-7         Malaysia AF/1FTC
M40-21                Hawk Mk208   Malaysia AF/15sq
M42-01, M42-02        MD3-160      SME/Malaysia AF
M43-04/36590/5215     MiG-29N      Malaysia AF/17sq
M43-14/38312/5310     MiG-29N      Malaysia AF/19sq*
HA-5115               NB412        Indonesia Army
1202                  Oryx         SAAF     c/n 02 *
C-FWRN/(9M-EKC)       CRJ100       Saeaga Airlines
C-GFCF/(9M-EKA)       DHC-8-300    Saeaga Airlines
C-GQBA                CL-415       Alitalia sticker*
F-ODXZ                TB200                 c/n 1448
G-ATTM                DR250-160
G-SURV                BN-2T-4R
HB-HMR                PC-7 MkII    Pilatus         *
HB-FOB                PC-12        Pilatus
JA9614                BK117A-3     Kawasaki        *
N22AB                 Sadler Vampire         c/n 002
N602CC                CL-601-3A
N877SE                CRJ100       TAG
N2000S                Beech 2000A
N2137G                Ultrasport 311               *
N92011                MD900                        *
PH-JCD                Fokker 100   Formosa Al
RA-06511              Aeroprakt A20
RA-29112              Mi-26T       Rosvertol       *
RA-64006              Tu-204       Bravia
RA-76623              IL-76MD      Aeroflot
UR-48086              An-32B       Air Ukraine
VH-FPP                Eagle XTS                    *
VH-NOJ                RV-4
ZU-AHC                Rooivalk ADM Atlas           *
9M-AZU                Ce310R           c/n 310R-1218
9M-BCA                Bell 206L-4  Asia Pacific
9M-BCN                Bell 222             c/n 23005
9M-BCO                Eagle XTS    Kelab Aero Perak*
9M-EPA                RV-6A        Phileo Av c/n 20299 *
9M-EPB                RV-6A        Phileo Av 21831 *
9M-GSA                AS350BA               c/n 2168
9M-JFC                Ce152
9M-PHB                AS355F2      Police
9M-SKI                PA-28-161          c/n 2841317
9M-SMA, 9M-SME        MD3-160
9M-TRI                G.1159C
9M-BMV                AS350AS               c/n 1495
* = also flying

Hawk T1/As of the Red Arrows :
XX227, XX233, XX237, XX252, XX260, XX264, XX266,
XX294, XX307, XX308

Pitts Specials of the Golden Dreams :

Inside exhibition hall:
ZF560                 Lynx HAS.3S  Royal Navy

Mofaz hangar area:
9M-FAH                Bell 206B-3  Mofaz
9M-FAT                SC7-3-400    no titles

Near terminal:
M28-01                F28-1000     Malaysia AF
M39-02                AS-61        Malaysia AF
UR-76636              IL-76MD
9M-PSH                PC-6/B2-H2   Police

M23-14                S-61A-4      Malaysia AF
M30-02, M30-04        C-130H       Malaysia AF
M37-01                Falcon 900   Malaysia AF
C-GHRI                DHC-8-202    Saeaga Al
G-FRAD                Falcon 20E   FRA
N404SP                G.1159C
VH-PPF                Falcon 50
9M-AZX                Bell 206
9M-MAS                DC-10-30     MAS
9M-MFA                B737-5H6     MAS
9M-MME, 9M-MMJ        B737-4H6     MAS
9M-MMR, 9M-MMW        B737-4H6     MAS
9M-MQC, 9M-MQI        B737-4H6     MAS
9M-TAF                SA365N2      Berjaya Air

Logged between 6 and 10 December:
M23-03                S-61A-4      Malaysia AF/SAR
M23-16                S-61A-4      Malaysia AF/SAR
M29-20                RF-5E        Malaysia AF/12sq

A2801                 F28-1000     Indonesia AF/17sq
M21-11                DHC-4A       Malaysia AF
M28-01                F28-1000     Malaysia AF
M30-11, M30-14        C-130H       Malaysia AF/20sq
712                   Fokker 50    Singapore AF
60112                 C-130H       Thailand AF

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