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Eastleigh 1946

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Date: 22 June 1946

Made by: H.J. Curtis, 'The Aeroplane Spotter'


G-AHLE  	Cierva C.30                               
L3084           Blackburn Roc (perseus testbed) [derelict]
N248            Supermarine S.6A (marked as an S.6B)      
VB895           Supermarine Seafang FR.32                 
42-2923         Fairchild PT-19A Cornell USAAF            

G-AGKX  	Short Sandringham 'Himalaya'                            
G-AGNL          Avro York (BOAC)                                        
G-AGOS          Reid & Sigrist Desford                                  
G-AGPB          Avro XIX                                                
G-AGVB          Bristol Wayfarer                                        
G-AGWO          Miles Aerovan II                                        
G-AHHJ          Auster J/1 Autocrat                                     
G-AHOM          Vickers Viking I                                        
OO-ATY          Auster J/1 Autocrat (plus 1 other G- registered example)
LA542           Supermarine Spitfire F.46 (flown by J.Quill)            
PX203           Cierva W.9                                              
RA845           Kirby Cadet                                             
TX264           Avro Lancaster                                          
1 x             Airpseed Consul                                         
1 x             Auster I                                                
1 x             Dragon Rapide                                           
1 x             Miles Hawk Major                                        
1 x             Miles Gemini                                            
1 x             Miles Messenger                                         
1 x             Percival Proctor V                                      
1 x             Piper J.4A Cub                                          
1 x             Tipsy Trainer                                           
5 x             Avro Lancaster (83 Sqn)                                 
10 x            Blackburn Firebrand (813 NAS)                           
1 x             DH Vampire I (247 Sqn)                                  
1 x             Gloster Meteor III (MR:F of 245 Sqn)                    
6 x             Gloster Meteor (56 Sqn)                                 
2 x             Percival Proctor III                                    
9 x             Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIE (164 Sqn)                  

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