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Tel Nof 2008

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Date: 7 May 2008

Made by:


(307/73-0107) 	F-15A 		gate guard as 008
52 		Meteor NF13 	ex preserved as 119

SAR compound:
"669" 		CH-53A 		i/a (is 873/154870)
"669" 		AH-1E 		i/a (is 681/78-23069)
669 		Bell 212 	i/a
669 		UH-1 		i/a
(68-17079) 	AH-1F 		i/a

679 		G-V 		122sq                  
552             F-15A 		106sq in crane       
828             F-15C 		106sq one kill       
630             F-4E 2000 	201sq three kills
243/78-0342 	F-16A 		140sq one kill, Osiraq
102 		A-4N 		102sq             
674             Tzukit 		FTS             
019             Bell 206B 	FTS red/white
633             Beech B200T 	100sq      
340             Beech A36 	135sq        
056             CH-53 2025 	114sq       
966             AH-64A 		190sq           
567             S-70A-55 	124sq         
651             AH-1E 		FTS              
681             F-15A 		133sq            
914             CH-53 2000 	114sq       
271             F-15I 		69sq             
301             F-16C 		FTC              
401/00-1001 	F-16I 		FTC
Aircraft were noted during the family and press day. The actual open day was on
8 May.

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