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Tel Nof 2000

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Date: 9 May 2000

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Arava, IDF
Many spotters may not know what an Arava looks like. That's why we thought it a good idea to put this picture on top of the showreport of the Tel Nof open day. Visible is an Arava of 122sq, serial 217. It was one of the most extraordinary aircraft parked in the static display.

Photo Frank Noort

411		A-4N		102sq             
217	        Arava 202	122sq, c/n 110       
033	        Bell 212	FTS               
304	        C-130E		103/131sq         
169	        F-4E		601sq/FTC
649	        F-4E-2000	119sq             
668	        F-4E-2000	201sq             
201	        F-15I		601sq, ex 94-0286 
519	        F-15C		106sq, ex 83-0055 
663	        F-15A		133sq, ex 76-1508 
299	        F-16A		601sq, ex 80-0668 
301	        F-16C		601sq, ex 86-1598 
680	        AH-1E		FTS               
040	        Yassur 2000	118sq             
917	        Yassur 2000	114sq             
161	        OH-58B		FTS               
601	        UH-60A		124sq, ex 77-22723
935	        AH-64A		113sq             
370	        TB20		135sq, c/n 1727      
674	        Tzukit		601sq/FTC

572, 584, 604	F-4E-2000	201sq
620		F-4E-2000	119sq
628, 632, 651	F-4E-2000	201sq
657		F-4E-2000	119sq
688		F-4E-2000	201sq
703		F-4E-2000	119sq
2x		AB205		instr.
1x		CH-53		instr.

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