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Ramat David 2018

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Ramat David (Israel)

Open House

19 April 2018

830 AH-64A 190sq  
340 Beech A36 135sq  
668 C-130J-30 103sq  
929 CH-53 Yas'ur 2025 118sq  
656 CM170 Tsukit travel exhibits noses only
666 CM170 Tsukit travel exhibits noses only
672 CM170 Tsukit travel exhibits noses only
658 F-15A 133sq  
209 F-15I 69sq  
246 F-16A i/a firestation
318 F-16C 117sq  
386 F-16C 117sq  
057 F-16D 109sq  
403 F-16I 119sq  
882 HH-65 193sq  
115 M346I 102sq 7056/D0009/00028
562 S-70A 123sq  
Flying only:
317 F-16C 117sq  
341 F-16C 117sq  
345 F-16C 117sq  
384 F-16C 117sq  
889 HH-65 193sq  
400 T-6C+ FTS aerobatic team
484 T-6C+ FTS aerobatic team
488 T-6C+ FTS aerobatic team
497 T-6C+ FTS aerobatic team
(320) A-4N preserved inside gate
112 F-4E preserved maint. area
(144) F-4E preserved inside gate
359 F-16C o/h 117sq maintenance hangars
392 F-16C o/h 117sq maintenance hangars
34_ F-16C o/h 117sq maintenance hangars, only marked 34
210 H500MD preserved inside gate
(865) Kfir C2 preserved inside gate
Meteor F8 preserved W side, marked as '10'
Meteor FR9 preserved inside gate, marked as '31'
... Mystere IVA preserved inside gate
Mystere IVA preserved N side, maked as '04'
(50) Mystere IVA preserved SE side
26 SO4050 preserved main road

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