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Ramat David 2004

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Date: 27 April 2004

Made by:


703		TA-4H		102sq           
895	        AS565MA		193sq           
844	        Beech B200CT	135sq   
314	        C-130E		103/131sq       
639	        F-4E-2000	ex 201sq
832	        F-15C		106sq           
263	        F-15I		69sq            
337, 353	F-16C		117sq
359, 381	F-16C		110sq
023, 061	F-16D		109sq
232		AH-1S		160sq        
046	        CH-53-2000	114sq
139	        OH-58B		FTS          
929	        AH-64A		190sq        
567	        S-70A		123sq        
337	        TB20		135sq        
672	        Tzukit		FTS          

891		AS565MA		193sq

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